What’s it really like to study Medicine at Hull York?

Making the decision to study medicine is an exciting one, but it’s the start of a journey of several months (if not years for some) of hard work to perfect an application. That journey will involve getting the right qualifications; whether that’s A-Levels or degrees, sitting entrance exams such as the UCAT, BMAT or GAMSAT, perfecting personal statements and so on. We spend a lot of time trying to convince medical schools we’re right for them, but we also have to ask ourselves “Which medical school is right for us?”.

A big part of answering the question above is attending Open Days. This time last year, universities across the UK were opening their doors to applicants, giving an insight into the lives of their medical students. It was an opportunity for applicants to directly ask medics questions, find out honest opinions as well as application tips. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Open Days have either been cancelled altogether or are happening online.

Medical students in this community however have come together during this pandemic, to create resources for applicants as support during this difficult application cycle. One of those students is the creator of LifeofaMedic.com, who has kindly set up a “Virtual Medicine Open Day” for medical applicants. For each medical school across the UK, blog posts are being published over on LifeofaMedic.com by medical students studying at each medical school, including me! This is then followed up by an interactive Q&A session for all to get involved.

I’d just like to say a big thanks to LifeofaMedic.com for inviting me to write the guest post for “What’s it really like to study medicine at Hull York?”. I really enjoyed reflecting back on my time as a Phase I medical student, which felt like ages ago. Feel free to check out the Hull York Q&A over on her website, and explore her other posts too!


Author: MyMedicLife

A medical student documenting her journey

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